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At Magnolia Engineering believe that smart growth
and environmental enhancement are not mutually exclusive goals.

A good design can maximize profit for the developer while at the
same time preserving sensitive features and the environment aesthetic.

We provide the comprehensive Civil and Environmental Engineering Services needed to design and permit both small and large projects

Smart Growth and Environmental Enhancement: Achieving both goals.

Profit Maximization through Thoughtful Design

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Enhancing the Aesthetic and Environmental Appeal

Designing and Permitting Small and Large Projects

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Carmen Bourgeious Greene, P.E. has practiced civil engineering for 30 years, focusing on civil and environmental engineering. She specializes in site design and permitting, including land use planning, concept plans, all aspects of permitting, project management, site layout and design, and bidding and construction services. She has extensive experience in stormwater design and modeling, flood studies, water and wastewater design, road design and construction, onsite treatment and disposal systems, and other civil and environmental engineering projects.

As an undergraduate at the University of Florida, she worked for several semesters with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Palatka. She went to recieve her Masters Degree in 1984, completing her thesis at Tyndall Air Force Base. Carmen began her career with the international firm of Camp Dresser & McKee in Clearwater, Florida. She later worked for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in the wastewater grants program, and
then for two private civil engineering firms in Tallahassee.

Ms. Greene started Magnolia Engineering in 2011. Sinc then, the company has grown, and recently expanded to our new office at 1150 East Tennessee Street.

Carmen Greene is a registered civil engineer in Florida and Georgia. She is a previous president of the Big Bend Chapter of the Florida Engineering Society and has received two awards from the society, including Young Engineer of the Year and Outstanding Technical Achievement. Her community service activities include the Leon County Permit Process Improvement Group, Septic Tank Advisory Committee and the Leon County Code Enforcement Board.

Scott Kell is vice president at Magnolia Engineering.

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“Empowering women in construction engineering is not just about breaking glass ceilings; it’s about shattering the very foundation of gender biases. When women stand shoulder to shoulder with men in the field, they bring diverse perspectives, unwavering determination, and unparalleled creativity. Their contributions not only construct physical structures but also pave the way for a more equitable and inclusive future.”

– Zaha Hadid


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Magnolia Engineering is a leading provider of comprehensive civil engineering services, specializing in land development, environmental engineering, and commercial and residential projects.


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